Friday, January 27, 2012

Weekly Roundup: January 27, 2012

Another week has gone by and February is nearly upon us.  It's a little hard to believe, but there it is.  This past week, I had set the goal of finishing John Green's The Fault in our Stars and listening to two Jeeves audiobooks by P.G. Wodehouse.  I did manage to finish Thank You, Jeeves, but the second Jeeves book I intended to listen to, Right Ho, Jeeves, just didn't seem to want to stick.  I kept losing track of things, so I decided to put that on hold and instead read Anne Lamott's fantastic book on writing, Bird by Bird which, as I describe in my review, had a profound impact on me.

On Thursday, I went to the Barnes & Noble in Union Square in Manhattan, looking to kill some time before work and get some ideas for books I would like to read.   Miraculously, or because most of the books were only available in hardcover, I managed to walk out without buying any of these enticing books, though they've been added to my to-read list on Goodreads:

Asher, Jay. Thirteen Reasons Why
Fellowes, Julian. Snobs
Helitzer Mel. Comedy Writing Secrets, 2nd Edition
O'Malley, Daniel. The Rook

I will also be taking part in the Feeding My Book Addiction Horror Readalong in February, during which I'll read one of the following books:

Grant, Mira. Feed
King, Stephen, Misery
Koontz, Dean. 77 Shadow Street
Stoker, Bram. Dracula
Whitehead, Colson. Zone One

Lastly, I must say I'm pleased with my productivity this month so far and I look to end the month on a strong note by finishing The Fault in our Stars and possibly one more book.  So far this month, I finished one book I'd started in 2011 (A Dance with Dragons) and I read seven more.  I should have no trouble whatsoever with meeting my goal of reading fifty books this year.  I wonder if I can make it to one hundred.

For the time being, I'll concentrate on finishing The Fault in our Stars and digging into Stephen R. Lawhead's Hood.

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