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Review: Right Ho, Jeeves by P. G. Wodehouse

Right Ho, Jeeves by P. G. Wodehouse
Audio version read by Jonathan Cecil
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Has Jeeves Finally Lost His Grip? When Jeeves suggest dreamy, soulful Gussie Fink-Nottle don scarlet tights and a false beard in his bid to capture the affections of soppy Madeline Basset, Wooster decides matters have definitely got out of hand. Especially when it comes to a disagreement over a certain white mess jacket with brass buttons. Taking Jeeves off the case, he embarks on a little plan of his own to bring Madeline and Gussie together. But when things go disastrously wrong who can Bertie turn to in his hour of need but Jeeves?

My Thoughts:

This is another adventure featuring half-wit Bertie Wooster and his canny manservant Jeeves. In this tale, Bertie has spent two months in Cannes with his Aunt Deliah and cousin Angela, during which he purchased a white mess jacket that seemed to him all the rage but which, upon returning home, he learns that Jeeves feels is not fit for someone of Bertie's station. It is this incident that causes Bertie to think that Jeeves has lost his touch.

Bertram decides he must take matters into his own hands where it concerns solving the problems of his friends and relatives. Thus, engagements made and broken and made again, Aunt Dahlia's supreme cook, Anatole, resigns, and many other mishaps ensue as Bertie presses ahead advocating his own misguided (if well-intentioned) advice rather than consulting Jeeves.

I think this is another great romp with the characters of the Wooster universe. Wodehouse made me feel sympathetic for Bertie who, having employed a brilliant manservant whom people always approach for advice, feels insignificant and tries to assert himself to less than desirable, but quite funny, results. At the same time, however, I wanted to shake some sense into Bertie, who should know better than to spurn Jeeves' advice.

One thing leads to another and things escalate in this comedy of errors until it falls to Jeeves to save the day.

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